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Important Meth Addiction Facts That You Should Know

Do you know someone battling meth addiction? Meth is one of the most addictive substances that has the capacity to destruct the user’s physical, mental and social life. It has gained the reputation as the “most dangerous drug on earth” with its accessibility, potency and use.

Methamphetamine is used by people of all ages, and it is a well known party drug taken in clubs and parties. It acts as a stimulant at the beginning that eventually becomes a toxic substance that has the power to destroy one’s body.

What are the common names associated with meth?

Meth addiction starts with using one of the two forms of Methamphetamine: crystalline powder and crystal meth. The powder form is bitter in taste, odorless and can dissolve swiftly in alcohol or water. The crystal form comes in chunky crystals like ice and is usually ingested by smoking.

Methamphetamine has been labeled with popular street names including:

Beannies Brown Fast Crank Cinnamon
Chalk Chicken feed Crink Crypto Getgo
Methlies Quik Mexican crack Pervitin (Czech Republic)
Redneck cocaine Speed Tick tick Tweak Wash
Yaba (Southeast Asia) Yellow powder

Batu Blade Cristy Crystal Tina
Crystal glass Glass Hot ice Ice
Quartz Shabu Shards Stove top Ventana 

Where is meth derived from?

Methamphetamine comes from shrubs known as ephedra that are widely used in countries such as Pakistan, China, India and the Americas over a thousand of years ago. It was used to treat asthma, cough and congestion.

In 1919, the first crystallized methamphetamine was first produced to be used as medications to treat varieties of disorders. After some years, it becomes diet pills, antidepressants and “pick-me-ups” and turned into one of the most widely used illicit drugs in the world.

Addiction across the world

Meth addiction has become widespread all across the nations with recorded 24.7 million abusers. In 2008, roughly 13 million people in the U.S. more than the age of 12 have used methamphetamine and 529,000 were regular users.
Czech Republic has the most numbers of abusers and meth laboratories producing meth called Pervitin. Aside from Czech, Sweden, Finland, Slovakia and Latvia have been accounted for the highest percentage of people seeking drug abuse treatment.

Extent of Meth addiction

Low intensity meth users are those who use the drug by snorting or smoking. They abuse meth for the purpose of getting euphoric effect to stay awake for their job.

Binge meth users are those who inject or smoke the drug. They seek for a more satisfying effect and want to have a rapid, intense dose of meth.
The most dangerous class of abusers are called high intensity meth users. They are the ones who are addicted to meth. High intensity abusers are also called “speed freaks.” 

The users have no other wish but to get high everytime. They hate the withdrawal effect and always seek for the desired “rush” resulting in uncontrollable meth addiction. 

Addicts usually experience the stage called meth hangover where they feel they are in a deteriorated state. It is where they feel dehydrated, starved, and are physically, emotionally and mentally drained. This feeling can last from two to 14 days pushing them to more addiction.

Lastly, the withdrawal stage is where the users feel so much depressed. They do not have any energy and have no ability to feel pleasure from anything. When these feelings become intense, they come to a point where they are suicidal. Meth withdrawal is very risky, painful and complicated. Most of the abusers return to meth addiction most of the times if they do not seek professional medical help.
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